News in 2017

Further Center: Poems 1970- 1998" was published by the IKUTA PRESS in October.

• Panel Reading and discussion on Writing Japan issue of Asian Cha Journal at Japan Writers Conference (JWC)at Ekota campus, the Nihon University, Tokyo, October8th and 9th.

News in 2016

• Yoko read from "Woman in a Blue Robe" at Isobar's Book Launch, on 18th November, at the Wesley Center, Roppongi, Tokyo.

• Yoko's new collection of poems (2002 - 2016) "Woman in a Blue Robe" was published by Isobar Press

News in 2015, 2014, 2013

• Yoko's poem GERMINATION was featured in ALL ABOUT MY NAME Poetry Series by Silver Birch Press.
Authors Live!:Yoko read her poems and a series of Linked Quatrains, A Chimera Grows During the Thaw, composed with Trane DeVore, Jessica Goodfellow, Goro Takano and Ikuyo Yoshimura.
 Sunday, June 7, 2015, 5:00 ~ 7:00 pm
 Bar IZNT, Sannomiya, Kobe

• The revised edition of "Songs and Stories of the Kojiki" (retold by Yoko Danno) was published by Red Moon Press, August 2014.

• Yoko Danno's new prose poem Dream of a Butterfly is published in
a glimpse of #16, 2014.

• Yoko Danno's poems are in Poetry, spring 2014.
• Yoko Danno's new collection of poems "Aquamarine" is published from Glass Lyre Press, LCC. Available from and

• On September 28, in Kyoto, JIPS poetry reading is held in conjunction with the worldwide 100,000 poets for change events.

• Yoko's prose poem A Pursuit of a Bird (and its Greek translation) is in a glimpse of, 2013.
a glimpse of #14Wild Nights

• Her two poems are in Otoliths 29, 2013

• "Collaborative Poetry in Image and Sound: Poetry Globe. Colours" at St. Perter's Church in Riga was made into a DVD by apostrofs (Latvia, 2013).

News in 2012

•The collaborative work by James C. Hopkins and Yoko Danno, "a sleeping tiger dreams of manhattan," was translated into Latvian under the title "snaudosais tigeris sapno par rigu " and published by the Mansards Publishing House, Latvia, in September 2012. The book-launching event was held on the 13th of September, sponsered by Latvian Literature Center.

Editor: Liana Langa
Transration by Viktors Kravcenko
Cover design and illustrations by Laura Feldberga
Producer: Liga Busevica

Music by Ieva Mezgaile
Reading by Inga Gaile and Karlis Verdins
   (CD made by Apostrofs)

(This book was produced with the supports of the Japan Foundation and the US Embassy in Riga.)

•We were also invited to Poetry Days in Latvia 2012 and participated in the project " Collaborative Poetry in Image and Sound: Poetry Globe. Colours" at St. Perter's Church in Riga:

Poetry Globe. Clours, produced by Liga Busevica:

The idea of the project comes from Poetry Days 2010 in Latvia when poets Yoko Danno and James C. Hopkins had reading of their collaborative verses. Making of collaborative poetry is a special way of creative expression where authors are writing simultaneously both their own verses and one joint verse. Collaborative poetry has its roots in a literary tradition of ancient Japan. The concept for the present reading was developed in 2011, envisaging creation of collaborative verse sequence by some poets of Latvia. Twenty poets were involved in this collaboration in the summer of 2012. Six verses are written in Latvian, others in Latgalian, Liv, Russian and English language. Poetry Globe is a symbol revealing the nature of collaborative verse where wholeness of each individual author joins with a wholeness of poetic world of another. Video images and ambient music for the reading are provided by several video artists of Latvia.

At St. Perter's Church in Latvia (by courtesy of

•We were also invited to the classic poetry night "Flowers for Daugava" on the pier of the Ikskile river.

The photos above are from Ikskules novads. To see more click here
The singing and reading:

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News in 2010

Poetry Days in Latvia (September 7th - 12th)

Marie Kanno, Kyong-Mi Park, James C. Hopkins and Yoko Danno were invited to Poetry Days in Latvia by Latvian Writers Union.
• 7th: Poetry readings at Library in Ventpils
• 8th: Poetry readings at Saldus Library
• 9th: Poetry readings and talks on Japanese traditional and contemporary poetry and collaborative poetry at University of Latvia
•11th: Poetry workshop at Kim? Poetry reading by Kyong-Mi Park and Marie Kanno at Meta-Kafe, Riga.
•12th: Reading by James C. Hopkins and Yoko Danno (in English) and a pair of Latvian poets (in latvian) of a sleeping tiger dreams of manhattan, accompanied by music played on the Latvian traditional instrument kokle, at Meta-Kafe, Kim?.
 (Courtesy of Mr. Kanjiro Okazaki)

We also visited Open-Air Art Museum at Pedvale: State Historical Monumentet, opened by the sculptor Ojars Arvids Feldbergs in 1991.
We planted stone seeds in its stone garden!

Photo Gallery from Open Air Museum

At Open-Air Art Museum, Petvale

   I sat in a chair of stone
   in a garden in Latvia
      warm and soft
            so comfortable!

   Overhead thin white clouds
                                         (Courtesy of Mr. Viktors Kravcenko)
   ever-changing the shapes
      beyond them
            a pink lily           (Yoko)

 (Courtesy of Mr. Ojars Feldbergs)

Yoko Danno, online and in print (2011 ∼ 2013)
Otoliths 29 (2013)
Poetry Kanto 2012 (No. 28)
Beverage Anthology, Pirene's Fountain, October, 2012 photography, literature, pop culture and creative comforts, 2012
YOMIMONO - 16, May, 2012
Big Bridge, Spring, 2012
Otolith #25, suthern autumn, 2012
Pirene's Fountain, Volume 5, Issue 11
Sunrise from Blue Thander, December, 2011
  Poetry anthology by Pirene's Fountain as a response to the Japan earthquake and tsunami.
 (Proceeds from the sale of this book will go toward ongoing relief efforts in Japan.)
4W twenty-two: NEW WRITING, November 2011, by 4W Press, Wagga Wagga, NSW
Otoliths #21, summer, 2011
from Aquamarine
SHAMPOO 39, Novrmber, 2011
Long Fasting Since, linked poems by members of JIPS, November, 2011

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